Sunday, June 29, 2008

String Bikinis and Dingos.......

A string bikini is something I have never been able to wear. I have never felt I had the right body for it even at my thinnest. The real problem is my big chest. OK its not a problem, it takes much more than 2 triangles of fabric and a string tie to hold up my girls.

Andy was in a co-ed volleyball tournament yesterday. Sarah Cate and I decided to go watch Daddy spike, dig and bump. I was amazed at the girls wearing string bikini tops. First I was envious that I never could wear one - well comfortably, I am sure I could have gotten one on in my younger days before breastfeeding, but I have always felt better with some support. Second, it amazed me that these girls weren't just walking around getting sun in their bikini tops, they were playing volleyball.....on a 2 man - um person team! So they had to hit the ball every other time, and cover the court with only one other teammate. Now even if I could squeeze myself in a string bikini, I can't imagine running, jumping and playing volleyball in one. To quote my high school friend Veronica, "I would give myself a black eye or 2". I guess if I could play volleyball I would be more the sports bra compression type. Note: These tournaments aren't like going to Hooters, its just a few of the ladies like to wear bathing suit tops to play outdoors. Not all the women wear them.

These tournaments are fun to hang out at. People bring tents and some families and hang out to play and watch volleyball. Sarah Cate did enjoy running around and watching daddy play. She still gets excited when she sees any kind of ball...there is hope she will fulfill Daddy's dream of being a volleyball player. Between her love of balls and her height, she has a real shot at it. She also loves seeing the dogs people bring to outdoor tournaments, they make her laugh and smile. One cute little bitch was very happy to see us...and this is a dog, not a girl in a bikini. She was a sweet dog who would roll over to let us pet her and tolerated Sarah. Since we have Susie our dog, Sarah is learning how to act around dogs, though when she gets excited she runs to them screaming which could be a bad thing so I better be careful. Anyhoo, I found out from my bumping hubby that the dog we liked the best, the sweet little bitch whose name I can't remember, was an American Dingo..........and no, she didn't eat any babies. This dingo was red and short haired. I had no idea what kind of dog it was at the time, though she had a pitt bull's shaped face and a big tongue like one. She was alot smaller than a pitt bull, but I wondered if there was any in her. Never saw an American Dingo before....very loud barker and a real sweet dog.

It was confirmed that Sarah Cate is cute....the volleyball players told me. She looks just like Andy, so its not like she gets her looks or for that matter will get a bikini wearing bod from me... Maybe someday wearomg a string bikini in her awesome athletic body she might take her Dingo to a volleyball tournament and I always the spectator even old and gray will still ponder why I couldn't have ever worn a string bikini top like that.

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