Monday, June 9, 2008

I hate driving

Its no secret how much I hate to drive. I suppose I am not aggressive enough. I do follow the traffic rules and as for speed I just try to keep up with traffic. Trucks on the highway honestly scare me so I avoid any highway driving if possible...I know kind of kooky.

Yesterday I went to the mall. Going into the mall off the main road you come to the road around the mall parking lot. If you are coming in from the main road, you have the right of way, no stopping. The other people at the mall road have to stop, they have stop signs. So I was driving in and I noticed that a car in the left of the intersection didn't stop, so I slowed down. Then the car after him went also but when I saw I wasn't stopping, honked at me and gave me a mouthful....of course I couldn't hear her. I held up my hands in the dramatic "What's your problem".....truth is I had the right of way and didn't have to stop. I am sorry that I forced you to come to a complete stop, which you should have done in the first place.

So I shopped, got my dresses and when leaving the mall had another issue. I was at the light to get out of the mall onto the main road. There is a left turn only lane, a going straight across lane and a right turn. I was in the middle as I was crossing over the street. I noticed when the light changed and there was a left turn arrow, the car next to me did not move, well until the light fully turned green and then it went straight across, which I had to stop or we would have collided. I noticed the tag was not from a local county so I just chalked it up to someone who wasn't familiar with the area. What I wasn't expecting was the next car to force me to stop AGAIN and veer over into my lane, no signal and giving me the death stare and dramatic shaking of the head.

Both times, I was forced to witness the first car violate the rules and THEN deal with the car behind it who felt like I was in the wrong....or just PO'd at me for making them stop. The thing is people we have rules for our safety. Luckily, road rage for me didn't happen, but its I was irritated.

Oh well, what can I do, I have to drive!

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