Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Darn Cows............

Why do I eat to feel never works and I just get fat. Today I am feeling blah, I seriously need a vacation to look forward to and yet we have nothing planned. Just got back from a wedding in Pittsburgh, which was nice, will blog on that later when I have the pics handy.....but the wedding was not exactly vacation since Andy had best man duties and I had to take care of Sarah most of the time.

I went to drop off some blankets for SHARE - the women's pregnancy and newborn loss support group I am involved with, and on the way home went to ChickFilA "cuz I was hungry". Now being on my heart healthy plan I SHOULD have gotten salad or even a wrap, heck chicken salad is ok also. But what did I get.....a #1 meal with fries. Was it worth it, NOPE. Do I feel better or do we have a trip planned magically because I ate a fried chicken sandwhich on white bread with a side of waffle fries..... NOPE.

I am so mad at myself right now. This love-hate relationship I have with food really needs to go bye bye. I know that one ChikFila meal isn't going to ruin my life - but I need to stop thinking junk food will make it all better or make me happy. It doesn't.

I know the marketing guys at Chikfila think those cows are so cute, but I am not liking them right now.

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Donna said...

Julie. Great post. Really puts thing in perspective. I am guilty of eating by feelings too:(