Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hydrangeas...check em out at dusk

I never cease to be amazed at the brilliance of the colors of our Blue Hydrangea plant at dusk.

Here's a picture of me standing in front of our bush during a particularly blooming year - NOT at dusk though and yep, I was pregnant and NOT the best picture of me, but cut me some slack my pregnancy was AMA -Advanced Maternal Age. That bush was loaded with flowers 2 years ago when the pic was taken. I think it was then that I first noticed the brilliance of color as subtle as it was during sundown. I remember thinking how fantastic the flowers looked in the soft light. Last year even with the draught, though not as full as in years past, the colors of the blooms just glistened softly and beautifully. That bush has the most beautiful shade of soft blue I think I have ever seen - but you can only appreciate it at dusk.

I have heard the best time to have your picture taken is as the sun is going down that the light is very flattering and forgiving. I suppose its similar to how we glow with soft candlelight which emphasizes what is beautiful about us and not so much our flaws as bright light can do.

The other night again I was taken aback at how beautiful our bush was as I retrieved one of Susie's tennis balls in the back yard in front of the bush. I literally stopped in my tracks to admire God's handiwork. Thank you Lord for giving us this beautiful planet and that extra special time during the day when all can appear glorious. Its there, all you have to do is stop and take it in.

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Karen said...

Love this post. The hydrangeas are so pretty!