Thursday, June 19, 2008

Diet Week 8 - and some ramblings

Well, bless me father for I have.....gone off the diet. Not HORRIBLY, but I seem to find myself eating off Sarah's plate and eating her animal cookies. I am eating more grains than I should and don't think I am eating enough veggies. Plus I am drinking more than I should....not like umpteen beers or glasses of wine, but 1 or 2 a night which isn't every night, but more often than not.

I didn't want to weigh this week, but I did and am up, so I am now down a total of 9lbs. WHICH IS GOOD.....but the hard part is we are going to a wedding this weekend, with a Cookie bar...umm cookies. This cookie bar apparently is a Pittsburgh thing and you know I am excited about a table full of cookies....along with my wedding cake. :-)

Anyhoo, I have noticed a funk approaching which I know contributes to my mindless eating....and needing to medicate my sorrows in salty or sweet snacks - um and a glass of wine is good also. The good news is that some days when I start to feel funky, I just say a quick prayer rather than reaching for the triscuits or chocolate- but its heart healthy dark chocolate.

BUT overall, I am still eating way less than I used to. I just hope next weeks weigh in won't be horrible. I am in this for the long haul, so I know I will have setbacks. I am not trying to just lose weight, I am really trying to be healthier. While I am not there yet and seem to be slipping, I can say, I am making progress and need to focus on that.

Tim Russert's passing has me a little scared. My family has a history of heart disease and I want to be around for Sarah Cate for as long as I can. Hearing Tim was on medication and yet still succombed to a heart attack at a young age - like my mom and brother - has had me a little nervous....but I must live each day to the fullest and not worry about things that might never happen. Of course mom and Jack smoked which is a huge risk factor. Thankfully I kicked the habit 9 years ago. YAY ME! All I can do is keep focusing on healthy living.

.......and not think about that peice of Carmel Cake in our frig from my dad's birthday today.


julia said...

Don't get down on yourself, Julie! You've done a great job so far and will continue to do so!! Have a great time at the wedding!!!

Donna said...

Julie...u've been doing a good job, so I'm sure u'll bounce back.