Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Buh bye tree - hello lawn

A week or so ago the Friday of Memorial day weekend, we had a beautiful Oak Tree in our front yard fall down. It was a georgeous tree, very big and full of life. It gave our yard lots of shade which was a mixed blessing....kept things cool, but we couldn't get grass to grow so our yard was basically one big unfinished island. It took out a neighbor's dogwood, which was a big one and I am really sad to see it go...I love dogwood trees.

The tree just fell over hours after it had stopped raining. It had rained VERY hard and there were some close lightening strikes during the storms but who knows. We had the draught last year but the tree appeared healthy - and we had someone look at it last summer along with our other trees. It was a huge surprise that it just fell over. There were no signs to us of root rot and the tree looks ok, no sign of rot in the tree itself. Luckily it didn't hit our house or cars and no one was hurt. The insurance is taking forever so its still down in our yard, but a friendly tree service went ahead and cleared it off our driveway so we could get our cars out - they were both in the garage when it happened. Tomorrow they will clear away all of it.

Here's a pic of Sarah and I standing in front of the tree before they cleared the driveway. She just keeps waiving to the tree.... I guess she knows its going bye bye. Too bad Andy can't have someone make some wood planks with the wood, I know we could get a nice table out of it!

BUT next year this time, I am hoping we have a nice sunny yard to play in with some grass since we no longer have the shade issue.

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Karen said...

Awww ... bye, tree! that sure is a big one!