Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hiccups in my sleep......

I woke up the other night hiccuping. Really heavy ones that wouldn't go away. Darndest thing ever. I had been out to eat at a cute restaurant in Buckhead for my mom's club Moms Night Out. What a fantastic restaurant.

I ate a salad of Dates and Toasted Pecans Over Field Greens with Blue Cheese Dressing, totally delish. Also had with some steamed mussels in a spicy tomato sauce - to die for - I ate every drop of it. Sopped it up with bread, used a spoon, whatever it took to taste that delish dish. Best thing about it was totally on my diet...well except the bread I ate, but I did dip it in olive oil which is supposed to help it metabolize better.

I guess my body was like "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS STUFF"..... The salad I suppose was a little rich....and I haven't had clams or mussels in a while. I thought I woke up Andy but he didn't notice. I am telling you weirdest feeling I have had in a while - waking up with hard hiccups that wouldn't go away.

BTW, if you are in Buckhead and want a good place to eat, check out Portofino....umm, umm, I would go back in a heartbeat, hiccups and all. If you want to try it out... or peruse the menue

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