Friday, May 16, 2008

Back in black.....

Just got finished watching LOST on satellite dish seems to have been disturbed by recent storms so TIVO was out of the question. I love this show and it was a great episode....but I have to say, the memorial service scene threw me off.

Jack's dad had died in Austrailia and Jack went to get him back and was on the plane to bring his body back....well, enough of the plot of the show. After Jack and the other survivors get back to the states, Jack has a memorial service for his dad. EVERYONE at the service was in all black, I am talking from head to toe. Jack's mom even had a black hat on.

A veteran of many family funerals including my mom, my son, a sister, my brother, and grandparents I have to say, the clothing at the memorial was a bit over the top. I have never worn all black to a funeral, is that bad? I don't think many people at the funerals in my family were in all black and certainly no one had on a wide brimmed black hat. Now, perhaps being the wife of a doctor, Jack's mom always wore hats but that is not a critical point in the show, so they haven't disclosed it. I mean, for all I know she has a serious skin condition or has suffered with melanoma. Maybe in LA, black hats are considered a must wear....It just struck me as odd. First of all, it was a memorial, his body was lost at the crash, so its not like they are going to pile in the cars for the funeral procession to stand in the blazing son for a burial.

Just weird how things are depicted on TV sometimes...or maybe my family is weird.

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