Saturday, May 3, 2008

Long Pants

This week I had to get my oil changed so I went to a dealer. While I was in the waiting room I saw a girl I can't forget. She had on these really long pants. Now, being the 40something I am I would say she was young, but now I can't tell you how young I would guess....maybe early 20s. Her outfit intrigued me. I was taken back to the 80s and the Units store at the mall. She had on that type of material....your basic knit with a little cling. She didn't look out of date at on, on the contrary she looked cute and hip. Her outfit just reminded me of Units. Jacket, shirt, pants...contrasting colors, same material.

Her gray pants were wide legged and long, very long. So much so they dragged the floor. I couldn't see her feet. I wondered as her name was called how she wasn't falling down or tripping on those pants. Didn't she know she was in a garage environment and could get some oil or other icky substance on those pants by walking around on them. They didn't appear to be dirty, which blew my mind as they were SO long.

Many questions filled my brain. I wonder if all her laundry was dirty and she knew they were a little long but that was her only choice in legware. Did she borrow those pants from some tall sister or roommate? Did someone tell her, "Umm your pants are too long..." and she said I know and I don't care. Does she always wear pants that drag the ground? Wow, my life is really boring that i am sitting here thinking so much about those pants.

And yet, a few days later, still wondering. I wish I had had that confidence and style when I was younger. You go long pants girl!

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