Monday, May 19, 2008

Susie 1, Chipmonk 0

My dog susie is 9 years old. She is a very cute mutt, part spaniel, sheltie, golden....she is the red color of an irish setter, but only comes up to my knees. She looks like a giant longhaired dachsund.

She has always had it for squirrels and chipmonks. Even in her younger days when we lived in the Condo she would chase squirrels across the courtyard. In our house now, she watches out the back door and will bark crazily when she spots one.

This morning she was doing her little door dance so Andy decided to let her out. She ended up trapping this poor little chipmonk by the brick wall in our backyard after running in circles. she got it in her mouth and tossed it up in the air. Andy said that chipmunk was running noticably slower when Susie grabbed it and literally did a spin in the air feet over head as it went up 7 feet! I had no idea Susie had this left in her.

I am happy/sad to report the chipmunk did scamper off and Susie came proudly in the house. We can't help but be proud of our little wussy dog....this is the dog who will loudly bark at others then retreat to behind your legs. I used to love it at the Condo how she would try to bully the pit bull neighbor and then run behind me.

Anyway, way to go Susie! Not bad bad for a 63 year old. Keep those varmits out of our house.

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