Friday, May 30, 2008

Krofft Supershow - I am a TV Extra

I came across the opening credits for the Krofft Supershow filmed in 1976 in which I was one of the kids you see running around, playing and following Kaptain Kool and the Kongs to the Krofft Supershow. I had on white shorts, a white top and a white can actually notice me in the scene when those wacky characters are handing out balloons....I am recieving the blue balloon from the chick in blue far left side of screen...Nashville was her name. What a fun day it was, I still remember. We shot all day, started out in Morningside at a school, went running down a highway off ramp - it was closed, down a railroad track, rode up the Escalator in what is now CNN center to the doomed theme park The World Of Sid and Marty Krofft and went to a farm...where I recieved the blue balloon. I was there with my neighbor and best childhood buddy Jimmy Zoll and my best school friend Bonnie.

I remember later seeing Micheal Lembeck, who played the lead Kong -Kaptain Kool on One Day at a Time and felt like I knew him since "we worked together" LOL. He started acting on Gidget and ended up in episodes of some of my favorite TV classics including Partridge Family, Love American Style, Room 222, Happy Days, Love Boat, LA Law and Mad About You. He went on to direct many TV shows that I liked including Major Dad, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Coach - love you dobber, News Radio and the list goes on. He also directed the Santa Claus Movies with Tim Allen....He has worked with alot of really great peops....including one cute little extra in Atlanta. The other kongs apparently didn't fare so well.....

Anyway, enjoy a piece of 70s Saturday Morning Americana of which I was a part....a very small part...but here it is.

Hmm, maybe this is why I love the HBO Show with Ricky Gervais extras, man I can so relate.


Kathleen said...

OK, so that's too funny! Because my sisters and I lived for the Kroft Super much so that one of my horid nicknames has been "Electra Daughter and Dyna Rhett" (jealous siblings :) My sister Sheilah just sent a link to Electra Woman last week! Now I know someone FAMOUS!

Karen said...

How neat!