Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tube Socks

I have the same body shape as my beloved Granny Julia who passed away back in '97 at the age of 97. Granny was a real character - I as named after her. She always had a good joke, literally written down in her purse. She loved to entertain by playing the piano and was truly gifted as she played by ear.

I remember her talking about being the mom to 7 and her tube socks. The socks were not her feet warmers, rather they were her sagging boobs. Now that I have surpassed 40 and breastfed, I have noticed my girls are pointing south. They are smaller than they were before I got pregnant, actually my whole body is, but they are definitely the boobs of an older woman. I read somewhere that if you get a boob lift, they tend to not last and you would need another at some point down to road to keep your girls perky.

Funny how I think about Granny relating to my sagging boobs, and yes, tube socks does seem appropriate.

Love ya Granny, rest in peace.

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