Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great Pic VJ Day

Taken Aug 15th 1945 at Emory University in my dad's dorm.
Dad was in officer training school for the Navy at the time, he was 19. This picture was taken on Victory Over Japan Day, meaning WWII was over. Dad's whole dorm was guys in the service training to be officers and he told us they were SO happy as many had lost brothers and friends. Dad is on the top left leaning over the rail with his arm out. I have always loved this picture. Shortly after the end of the war, they disbanded the unit at Emory and dad was transferred to UNC Chapel Hill his beloved alma mater. Click on the picture for a larger view. Dad was such a cute young man!
His status today is the same, comfortable. The swelling has gone down and he seemed content. Its hard leaving him, but he smiled at me and told me how blessed he is to have me as his daughter and how happy I have made him. I cried. He also said a prayer for me, which I couldn't quite understand, but at the end he gave me a big smile. I left him listening to a "100 Strings" cassette tape. The music really makes him happy.

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Karen said...

That is an AWESOME photo!! Love it!!