Friday, January 2, 2009

Pics of Dad from October and Thanksgiving last year

Thought I would share a pic of dad for those who haven't seen this one...though it was in my blog. Here is Dad on Halloween with Sarah....we went shopping together at publix for his Boost and cough drops. Also one from Thanksgiving 2007 with me and SC.

Please keep praying for him. He is so weak. Its hard that I can't even give him ice chips for fear of aspiration......he is peaceful though. He had a visit today from Monsignor Lopez and from Fr Brian Higgins. Dad really likes both of these holy men and my sister said it did him well to receive the sacrament and to get a visit....FYI, they tear off a TINY piece of the host for patients like dad and let it melt away. Msgr Lopez is on of the busiest people I know, which is such a blessing he took time to go see my dad.

Luckily, Andy's office is almost next to the hospital, so I picked him up at lunch and he he dropped me off at the hospital while he enjoyed lunch with Sarah. I will go back tonight.

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Lori said...

thanks for sahring the photos...
i remember the one from the shopping trip from earlier in your blog, and i loved it then as much as i do now! what a handsome, sweet man!
continued prayers...