Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello 911

I have called 911 2 times in my life....the first when I was living with dad after I gradated Tech. It was around 11 and I heard breaking glass coming from my neighbor's house.....who was out of town. I looked out our window and saw some people in her house, so I called. This morning something far scarier prompted a call.

It was about 6am and I was awake and heard Sarah whimpering. Andy also up, asked if I wanted to just bring her into our bed. Needing a nice cuddle from my little girl, I said yes. I heard him scream with such fear in his voice...."Sarah......Sarah wake up.....". He brought her in our room and told me she looked like she was having a seizure and she was breathing, but just barely. I called 911, which took me 4 times to dial. The paramedics got to our house in less than 10minutes...and before they arrived Sarah had started crying which was a good sign. She had a febrile seizure was the diagnosis in the ER - which we haven't had before. They also found out she has a UTI. She is doing OK now.

When I heard Andy's voice telling Sarah to wake up, it was the scariest thing I have heard. I actually thought, Please God, I can't lose my Dad and Daughter on the same day. Seeing Sarah limp and foaming at the mouth, not so great, but then again I missed the convulsing and eyes rolling back in her head how Andy found her.

I could say its not my week, but you know.....she is fine, we have her on antibiotics now to fight the infection causing the sudden fever and no long term damage done. But man, was I scared. Sarah on the other hand has loved the Curious George Marathon going on at our house.

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lori said...

my heart sank as i read scary indeed! glad she is on the mend and nothing more serious going on!