Sunday, August 3, 2008

Best Movie Kiss

I was channel surfing last week and caught the best movie kiss ever...well at least of the 80's. I give you the 1987 John Hughes film Some Kind of Wonderful - ..who knew a nice, redheaded, artistic, down to earth, grease monkey could be such a hero. Casting of Eric Stoltz was dead on...he is totally the kind of guy every girl wants to date - how DID John Hughes know about such things?
I just love the kissing scene where Watts played so believingly by Mary Stuart Masterson teaches Keith played so wonderfully by Eric Stoltz how to lay one on Miss Amanda Jones played by Leah Thompson another fine performance - I did feel sorry for her how she was dissed by her popular rich friends. The banter between Keith and Watts is priceless.
Back to the about intense, whew pass the ice water- a first kiss veiled in something its not. Anytime I am surfing and I come across this movie, I have to stop everything to watch and be taken back to those youthful days to be reminded of how powerful a good kiss can be - and how the First Kiss lasts forever. BTW, the song that plays during that kiss is fantastic, its called She Loves Me Performed by Stephen Duffy. Really great lyrics.
My favorite part is:
The minutes that we missed
The idle lips that should've kissed
Are now gently together
The first kiss lasts forever
I think this film is one of Hughes Best, 16 Candles is a Personal favorite also. This is one of the later ones and I suppose people were tired of movies with his take on teen angst, but I think this one hits so many things right on - feelings of worthlessness, confusion, love, attraction, betrayal, rage and revenge....with some GREAT lines. Heck, even Duncan the skinhead in detention can't help but like the hero and want to help him out. I didn't see it until I was well out of high school as I graduated from Georgia Tech the year before it came out, but even today, I can relate to many of the characters and love this movie....yeah, its totally of the 80's but the themes are universal.
So if you need to be reminded of how powerful that first kiss can be, just go here and enjoy. I challenge you to give me a better kiss in film... View the kiss here.

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