Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a man wednesday.....boombox anyone?

My husband is confused as why its week #3 and John Cusack has not been in my blog.......he knows that I have this thing for John. He has that dark Irish look that "floats my boat", and Andy is OK with it. He was so cute as a youngster, Say Anything is one of my favorite 80's films. Doesn't every girl need a Lloyd Dobler in their life - he was cute, funny, nice and TOTALLY focused on her . He picks really interesting roles even if the movie is Ehhh.....he usually gives a great performance.
My friend Julie in Chicago once told me some friends of her parents lived downtown in the same building as John and I was totally ready to go stalk the front door for a glimpse, but then thought that was a tad nutty to actually do.
I will say this though, there was a period I wondered if he was wearing eye liner or had it permanently tatooed under his eyes.....but I think that thought has passed and he is once again the cute Irish guy from Chicago I want to have a Guiness with.
Interesting coincidence fact for the day - non What a Man related......both Andy and I used the word "happenstance" in a sentence. He laughed when I used it on him as he said he used it at work on a coworker and thought "now there's a word you don't say everyday"..... He comes home and I use it on him not knowing happenstance we used the same word. Its weird how we do things the same sometimes.

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Kathleen said...

OK Julie sometimes I think you are a sister by another mother. John Cusak indeed... I am much more a fan of the Sure Thing days, tho Grosse Pointe wasn't too bad either. I think my sister secretly thought she would run into him and marry him oneday...

How about Hugh Jackman next week?