Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What a Man Wednesday.......Police Brutality

This week we go to a sexy older singer, I give you Gordon Sumner aka Sting former lead singer of The Police. Raspy voice, beautiful music, father to 6, husband to Trudie and a he cares about this planet. Love his "arms of steel" to quote my former roommate Laura.

He can look brooding, mischevious or just nice. GREAT face with many expressions. I could watch him all day.....the Police Concert last year was the highlight of the year and he looked like he still enjoyed singing and entertaining. Fell in love with him at my first concert January 27th 1982 at the Omni. Nothing says I love you like a black concert T...why did I ever give this away!
One of my favorite songs from his solo career is Fragile. Enjoy, its circa 1991.

Sting - I salute you, you have gotten me through many sad and happy times with your beautiful and rocking music. A true poet with a soul....I can only admire how you stand by your convictions and so beautifully express. You just keep getting better and I will forever be crushing on ya! Oh and Andy is totally OK with that.


Lori said...

two words...sooooo hot. (well, that was four wasn't it!?)

Donna said...

Whew....hotness indeed!