Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a man wednesday.....from down under

Per the request of "the responsible one".....I give you the man from down under....

Whether playing the romantic lead, Wolverine, or just some guy....he is quite the eye candy. He just looks like a nice guy doesn't he. AND oh so dreamy! From IMDB, In his spare time, Hugh plays piano, golf and guitar and likes to windsurf. Oh to be the one he is playing piano for! Sure the wolverine costume is kind of funny in the hair and hand department, but check out those arms. I also came across some great pics of him with his kids, but won't put them here...he looks like a great daddy.
Play any guy who plays Peter Allen on broadway as got to be secure in his manliness and OH Hugh is! Thanks Kathleen for the nomination.
Oh and if you haven't seen the film "The Prestige", he was great in it its a fantastic film.

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Kathleen said...

Ah, my heart beats with joy. Just the adreniline surge I need to get that car packed tonight!

Good taste girlie!