Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good times in August

So far August has been a GREAT month. Yesterday, we met up with some friends at this WONDERFUL little coffee shop in Roswell, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee House. Good times and really good coffee from Rwanda - every cup sold helps the people of Rwanda, so drink up and do good! Sarah got to play with some of her buddies mommy knows from The Nest. It was great to see Maggie, Kya and Audrey who was so nice to let everyone use her crayons and shared her paper. I was very proud of Sarah as she didn't hoard the crayons and was nice to the other kids - they really all did well together as you can see by the picture.

We went to dinner with our Neighbors the Stewarts at $3 Cafe. Not only did Sarah get fries which she loves, she got to play with Katie 7 and Meghan 5. She LOVES those girls and cries when they leave. She copies everything that Katie does, I suppose she is Sarah's idol. Katie is very good with Sarah.

Today we went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden...sorry forgot the camera. It was VERY hot today, but since we had free tickets through a Bank Of America promo decided to drive down to midtown and check it out. Sarah enjoyed the flowers, the frogs and the Childrens Garden - especially the fountain she played in. She also had a great time pushing around her stroller.

The exhibit Sculpture in Motion throughout the gardens was fantastic! Some really cool pieces of art. But MAN there is nothing like walking out of the 96 degree temp into a rain forest - that room was SO uncomfortable...not quite as hot as outside, but oh the humidity...actually was glad to get out of there. We did see the cutest family of birds complete with baby bird following along. I swear, I have never seen hostas as big as they had at the garden! Those people need to come do some work on our yard! My first time there, it was really nice and beautiful! Next month, we head to Fernbank Museum of Natural History to utilize our free tickets

Its really fun being a mom, so many things to do and life from a totally different persepective.


Sadlebred said...

Sorry I missed you at the Botanical Gardens today!


Lyn said...

Glad you're having a great month! Keep getting OUT! Have fun with SC.