Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CHOPS with a kid.

Today was a GREAT day for us. We hung out with Aunt Jill up in East Cobb - including salad at Zaxbys and shopping at Walmart.....hey doesn't take much to excite me these days. Headed home and Sarah had some down time...aka nap and play in crib quietly.
When Andy got home from the office we drove Sarah over to her BFF's house and dropped her off so we could go out on a date to a grown up restaurant. We went to CHOPs in Buckhead a steakhouse that is upscale and VERY good. Much to my chagrin, they seated a couple with a toddler next to us. Nothing like getting away from your kid only to be seated next to some one elses. He was pretty good and very cute, but kind of a distraction from our date to have the toddler sitting next to us. I will say, we were in the back and this kid was at the table furthest in the back of the restaurant, so to everyone else in the restaurant, this kid wasn't a distraction. Its my fault we were next to him as I requested in my reservation to be as far from the bar area - where smoking is allowed - as possible...and they obliged by putting us in the back corner....then seated the kid next to us. But it was a GREAT steak and a nice glass of wine.

Sarah had the time of her life with her friend CC. She loves the kitchen, giraffe chair and train table at CC's house. We walked in and she was snuggled up to my BFF Lyn....wide awake. Lyn and Bob told me that once when at dinner they were in a similar situation and asked to be moved away from the kid in the upscale adult restaurant....which you know, would have been nice..........but it was fine in the end.
Sarah cried when we left CCs house.....awww......another fun day!
August is still a GREAT month!


Julia said...

Ohhh, I've always wanted to go to Chops. Glad it was a good meal!!

Lyn said...

that pic of Sarah in the bath is the CUTEST ever!