Monday, August 11, 2008

Rub a Dub Primo

21 mos - getting close to needing the real tub.

8 months - baths by now are FUN!

6 or 7 weeks...and used to HATE baths, How times have changed

Best baby product we have hands down is our Primo Tub. We have used it from the first bath and are still using it. Thank you Lyn.... I know we COULD be in a big tub, but with the Primo bathtime is so easy because of our great tub. Its REALLY easy to clean also and our sweet girl loves it! I will be sad when I have to use the big bathtub, this makes bathtime so easy and fun. We are still fitting in it!

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Harris Boys said...

I love that tub..I remember that pic of sc at 8 cute!