Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a man wednesday......bring back the 60s if guys looked like this

My latest TV obsession is Mad Men on AMC...... I give you Jon Hamm aka Don Draper, the creative director at fictitious Sterling Cooper on Madison Ave. Sure, Don smokes, drinks too much and cheats on his wife...but hey, he is a complex man and oh so mysterious. The shows writers are very slowly revealing bits and pieces about who the man who seems to have it all really is. We know deep down he is a good guy, just driven and intensely creative. He also has this melancholy which draws you to him.... the guys never seems to be happy, he has that broodiness that is oh so hot.

There is something about seeing a man in a suit - even smoking and drinking at work --- that can really make my day. Sure we know his liver is not happy and his lungs look like coal, but man he is one sexy dude. Ladies, if you haven't seen this show, add it to your netflix and watch the marathon this sunday night on AMC starting at won't regret it and will wonder why men don't dress like this now.
Don, please pour me have an old fashioned....


Karen said...

I love a clean-cut man in a nice suit with a crisp shirt ... :o)

Rachel said...

you are killing me about the man in the suit smoking or drinking. every blue moon robert has a cigarette and i think it is the sexiest darn thing.
this post made my day. now i don't feel so alone. :-)