Friday, August 29, 2008

Tales from Vacation

Go we drove to SC with Grandma who is visiting from CA and here is what I have learned so far......

1. Sarah Cate HATES sand. She cries when she is on it barefooted or when its on her feet or toes. She also gets upset when she sees it stuck to mom and dad.

2. Susie LOVES the beach. Our 9 year old dog was so happy when she discovered the ocean.

3. Late August in SC and Coastal GA is HOT. What was I thinking.

4. Babywearing IS possible when its 90 degrees plus humidity, but be prepared to sweat.

5. Isolated or Scattered showers forecast for the coast doesn't mean squat, the weather has been great!

6. Paula Dean's place in SAvannah is a total EVENT. YOu have to go register outside and they are strict about seating times. We only would have had to wait 45 minutes, but you know Andy won't wait to eat when other restaurants are available. Buffet looked good, but it was a bit pricey I think for a sandwhich and since I don't do buffets anymore since I tend to overeat, leaving was a great decision.

7. The beer Sampler at Blue Moon Brewary - 8 4oz beers will kick your butt when you are hungry, hot and not used to drinking 32oz in the afternoon.

8. Yuenling REALLY needs to be sold in Atlanta. Its the same price as Bud and SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better.

9. I love being away from the house. We are having a GREAT time.

10. I am terrible at taking pictures! Seriously we forgot to take the camera to Beaufort today. ARGH.

11. I miss going to the movies so much! We saw DArk Knight....fantastic, and will probably go to another movie while Granny is in town...gotta take advantage of free sitting.

Pics to come soon! Peace to all.


Kathleen said...

Having fun I see!

Rhett brought home 2 cases of Yling Yling from Charleston after dropping Claire off. Yum... think I might go get one now!

Rachel said...

I am jealous...paula dean's place and the dark night. Lucky girl!! Sounds like alot of fun. Sarah's reaction to sand made me think of Andrew. He was born and raised (til 5 yrs) in Florida. We went to the beach alot but he HATED sand on his hands and would always run to wash them in the surf. :-)